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Pretty singer gets hooked on DIY plastic surgery, Tuesday March 31, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Source: New Paper

Before; After self-injections; After reconstructive surgery

Pretty singer gets hooked on DIY plastic surgery

HER face may still be far from ‘normal’.

But Ms Han Mi Ok, 47, is finally at peace with it.

The Korean woman was once so addicted to plastic surgery that she took to injecting her face with cooking oil and paraffin, when no surgeon would touch her any more.

She shocked the world when she appeared on TV in 2004 – jobless, depressed, her head three times the normal size, as the oil had solidified under her skin.

She was also diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Donations poured in to help her get her former face back.

Now, after five years and 15 operations (during which 4kg of foreign material was removed), her head is almost back to a normal size.

The ravages of years of self-abuse are still apparent but Ms Han doesn’t want to change her face any more.

The chairman of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital’s department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Professor Chang Choong Hyun, did all 15 operations to repair Ms Han’s face.

He told The New Paper on Sunday: ‘I think for cosmetic purposes, it’s necessary (to have more procedures). But she doesn’t want another operation, because she is happy with her face now.’

He said Ms Han, once the object of horror, now holds a job in clothes design and fashion.

Said Prof Chang: ‘Her face is much smaller now. Also, many people know her, because she was on television. She can work safely, she has a good job.’

The New Paper first reported Ms Han’s plight in 2005, soon after her second corrective operation.

Downward spiral

She was once a pretty singer, also known as Hang Mioku. Her downward spiral began when she left Seoul to perform in Japan, at the age of 28.

Unhappy about her chin, she started getting illegal silicone injections in Japan.

She said in an earlier interview: ‘I couldn’t accept people who were more beautiful than me. I was jealous of them. I had to be the best. I wanted to be a perfect beauty.’

Even as her face became bloated from the injections, she thought she was beautiful.

When she returned to Korea in 1998, her shocked family couldn’t recognise her.

When they realised what she had done, they tried to convince her to go for corrective surgery.

But she was not satisfied with the results and decided to do it herself – only to make things worse.

She claimed a voice in her head ordered her to inject bean oil into her face.

By the time a production team from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) discovered her in November 2004, her health had suffered greatly.

Her vision was affected, her ears hurt, and her face ached due to the extra weight. She was unable to turn her head or close her mouth.

She shunned her family and lived like a recluse, leaving her home as little as possible, to avoid the horrified stares she received.

Whenever she made the necessary trips to the nearby supermarket to buy food, kids in her neighbourhood called her ‘fan-faced’ auntie or ‘standing fan’, because of her big head and small body.

She told SBS: ‘I hate to look in the mirror. I hate my own face. I feel miserable.’

She was also broke, surviving on government handouts.

When she showed her bank book to SBS, she had only 1,836 won ($2) left.

She even lived in the dark for six months. The electricity was cut off after she failed to pay her bills.

Her story was widely featured and raised alarm bells about the worrying trend of more people resorting to plastic surgery.

Public donations poured in, and reached 27 million won, which was set aside for her medical bills, said Prof Chang.

He first saw her in late 2004, and operated on her for the first time in February 2005, after she was discharged from a psychiatric hospital and certified as mentally healthy.

She assured doctors she would not inject herself again.

On the 15 operations, he said: ‘This is not cosmetic surgery, so it is not our aim to make her beautiful. We can only decrease the size of her face, so that she can lead an ordinary life.’

Her mother surprised her with a hospital visit after her first operation.

That tearful reunion turned out to be the last time Ms Han would see her mother alive.

Five days later, the elderly woman died in her sleep.

At her mother’s funeral, Ms Han wept uncontrollably.

Ms Han still lives alone, though near her family members, said Prof Chang.

She still comes to his hospital on social visits, even though she no longer wants cosmetic repair procedures done.

Said Prof Chang: ‘Last year, we had a (year end) farewell party, and she sang many songs for our (staff). She sings very well.’

He last saw her face on TV about two months ago, in a Japanese show.

She said: ‘I was insane when I injected myself. I regret it now.

‘Now I’m more cheerful… and I’m happy that I’m going back to normal life.”


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I think this is not only meant for Koria, In India also.

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