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Korean netizens pick 5 best and 5 worst scenes of Boys Over Flowers, Friday April 10, 2009 Korea

Posted on: April 10, 2009

Source : Epoch Times
Translation by annie083 @

Korean netizens pick 5 best and 5 worst scenes of Boys Over Flowers

In the past 3 months when the time comes to 10pm on a Monday & Tuesday night, the lady viewers in Korea will wait in front of the television for the appearance of F4. Last night (31st March), the Korean version of Boys Before Flowers aired the finale of episode 25 which brought a splendid close to the series. In the debut (first serial) of a Korean magazine《Highcut 》, they give their comments on the 5 best & 5 worst scenes of Boys Before Flowers. Let’s read them here.

5 Best Scenes

1. Episode 3 ….the loving & caring look of Goo Jun Pyo when he is facing Jan Di who is drunk in the bar
This outstanding scene is good enough to show that Lee Min Ho is not only a good looking actor but he is an actor who is ready & fully prepared.

“You’re not worthless, you have the qualifications. Although your family, appearance & brain are zero mark, you’re the first girl confirmed by master Goo Jun Pyo to be his lady. So you are qualified with full marks.” When Goo Jun Pyo says this to Jan Di, he is looking at Jan Di with tender love & care. His gentle look is so full of charm.

2. Episode 4….Jun Pyo’s love proposal to Jan Di is overshadowed by the sound of the plane.
“Guam Jan Di, listens carefully to my words because I will only say it once. You have to listen carefully. Guam Jan Di, let’s go on a date.”

The big & tall Goo Jun Pyo bends towards Jan Di, he almost tries to lean on Jan Di. I believe all the lady viewers will be excited & infatuated by this scene. But Jan Di just moves up her coffee cup to block the red lips of Jun Pyo. Her lack of enthusiasm to his love makes the viewers feel pity.

3. Episode 6….Love proposal in British Caledonia
“I’ve been telling myself if I find the one I love, I’ll take her here. Have you seen that? My heart! ” When Jun Pyo is smiling, his heart shaped lips & the heart shaped grassland in British Caledonia make up a beautiful matching scene. Although some people criticize that their scene in British Caledonia look like a MV filmed for the tourists’ association of British Caledonia. However, this scene is regarded as “Best of the best!”

4. Episode 15….Jan Di sings the song (I only know love) 《我只懂得爱》at Goo Jun Pyo’s Birthday Party
The scene when Guam Jan Di is playing the piano & singing the song (I only know love)《我只懂得爱》is commented as a good additional part in the Korea version of Boys Before Flowers. In the Japanese version Tsukushi left the piano & went out. In the Taiwan version, Shancai tried to speak harshly,“we can’t use the skill of piano to judge a person.”

In comparison of the three, Korea version, with the use of the sad & touching song “I only know love”《我只懂得爱》 is remarkably the winner . This scene also shows the singing skill of Goo Hye Sun who is an apprentice in singing.

5. Episode 19…….the truth or dare game
This scene that makes the hearts of all JP–JD supporters beating fast when Jun Pyo asks Jan Di, “ Do you still honour the agreement we made at the roadside, is it still valid? “ (I promise you that no matter what happens, I will not try to leave you anymore. At least, your mother will not be an excuse/reason for me to turn away from you.) Jan Di answers, “It is not valid anymore! The ones who gave & heard the promise are actually not existed anymore.”

5 Worst Scenes

1. Episode 3…. Ducks in the swimming pool
In order to play tricks on Guam Jan Di, Goo Jun Pyo put lots of ducks in the swimming pool. Where are all these ducks come from? This part actually doesn’t appear in the original story & this arouses criticisms from the netizens. They think that the computer effect of the ducks is a disgrace to the country. In some discussion forums, these ducks are called “the special branded ducks”. All of a sudden all dolls related to ducks become very popular.

2. Episode 5….Goo Jun Pyo’s anger in British Caledonia
Goo Jun Pyo does not know how to swim. He has to witness how Ji Hoo saving Jan Di from drowning in the sea. Ji Hoo & Jan Di goes out sightseeing in a small boat & Jun Pyo is chasing after them & blaming them angrily. This scene is meaningless, especially the “love & war” sort of background music makes the netizens feel uneasy.

4. Episode 7….Yi Jung’s father Kam Chung Chun’s bad acting skill
Because of the recommendation of his wife Lee Sing Shun, Kam Chung Chun (was a member of a singing group“Spring Summer Autumn Winter”春夏秋冬) gets the chance of filming Boys Before Flowers. He acts as the father of the playboy Yi Jung. He is an expert in pottery who is always messing around with girls. In the series Kam’s bad acting made the viewers shiver. Whenever he is speaking his lines, there will be an increasing numbers of viewers who are busy pressing the buttons of their remote controls. “Did you forget? You, Yi Jung is the successor of the So’s family pottery business!” Is he trying to speak or to sing out his lines? It’s really difficult to distinquish! His bad acting has caused a lot of arguments among the netizens. Finally they come to the conclusion that he is reciting his lines as in a popular song (Take out the 10 years’ old diary)《拿出10年前的日记》, a song by 春夏秋冬”Spring Summer Autumn Winter”.

5. The 10 : 59 pm time screen
When the time reaches 10 : 59 pm, an annoying time screen will appear. For those viewers who has to wait for a week to watch this series, it is a bad thing because they don’t want to miss any conversation of master Goo Jun Pyo. The time screen is just like a reminder because 5 minutes later F4 would disappear from their sight. It shatters the dreams of those girls who are so madly in love with F4!


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wah i agreed with the best scenes where JunPyo was overshadowed by the sound of the aeroplane ^^

love that scene…

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