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Ryeowook, SJ’s Domestic Helper; SJ Complains ‘Kangin, his mouth is very imprudent”, Monday April 13, 2009 Korea

Posted on: April 13, 2009

Source: Newsen, Newsen, My Daily
Translated by: carolyn & fragment @

Ryeowook, Super Junior‘s Domestic Helper

It was revealed that Ryeowook is in charge of doing all the domestic chores in Super Junior.

During the recent recording on MBC ‘Yoo Jaesuk & Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play’ Super Junior special, Ryeowook had to do a special task within his group, having all the attention on him.

The members said “Ryeowook’s like the domestic helper of the house” “always thinking of what to cook today so the hyungs will like it”.

Kangin continued “When the members cook because they’re hungry, Ryeowook gets upset and said “why didn’t you ask me to prepare food instead?” and prepares something for them.” causing everyone to burst out laughing. Ryeowook confessed “When the food i prepared is not finished i’ll be upset” bringing on another burst of laughter.

MBC Come To Play Super Junior special will be broadcast on the 13th at 11.05pm.

Come To Play: Super Junior Special Episode, Revealing Secrets Between Members

Secrets between the Super Junior members will be revealed.

Airing on the 13th, the 11 members of the Super Junior cast (except Eeteuk & Kibum) recorded MBC’s <Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play>, & talked of stories of boys becoming men.

For the segment specially prepared for Super Junior, <Finding the Best Super Man>, Super Junior members chose the most idiosyncratic member ‘Super Stone+I’, the member whose mouth is the most not tightly sealed ‘Super Feather’, moreover Sonyuhshidae, Wondergirls etc 30 female idols directly voted for the member that’s most like a playboy ‘Super Casanova’, & also the member whom at any one time found their way into their heart ‘Super Prince’, & awarded the golden cape.

The person who received the golden cape can sit in the seat of honor. Especially the owner of the backroom sky, Leessang chose the ‘Super Artiste’ on the spot. Wanting to get the golden cape, Super Junior members used their entire selves to show their own talents & a refreshing hot gag, leaving the entire place in bursting into laughter. On the other hand, the members that didn’t receive the golden cape were at the backroom pushing buttons & participating in <Come To Play Come On>, also received laughter.

During <Come To Play Come On>, Super Junior members in, ‘Can Never Understand a Woman’s Heart’, ‘ Wanna Get an Apology From This Member’ etc topics, the talk will one by one reveal Super Junior members’ views on women, & the members’ relationships etc secrets.

MBC’s <Come To Play> Super Junior special episode will air on the 13th at 2305H.

SJ Complains, ‘Kangin, his mouth is very imprudent”

Kangin, ever since he became a member of Super Junior, has been unable to keep secrets, much to the grievance of the rest.

Due to air on the 13th, MBC’s <Come To Play> Super Junior special episode chose the member whose mouth is the most not tightly sealed, & it turned out to be Kangin & Eeteuk.

Super Junior members revealed, “the style of the two are different. For Eeteuk, he’ll usually reveal secrets to the members, but for Kangin, other than the members, on variety shows, on radio shows, to reporters etc he’ll also spill secrets, causing rumors to spread all over Korea.”

Accordingly, Kangin said, “it’s strange, all I have to do is look into someone’s eyes & I’ll feel like telling them everything about me. & if that person says I’m fragrant (?) then it’s good.” This kind of outrageous explanation elicited laughter from everyone.

Hereupon, Noh Hongchul said, “I also like to talk, but I can’t catch up with Kangin. In SBS when we were MCs for <Change>, in the waiting room if it was too quiet there would be an awkward feel, Kangin wouldn’t be able to stand it, so even if no once asked him, he would reveal some secrets. The secrets are like the mouth of a spring, they never dry up, it’s like ‘Section TV'”. With these words, the entire filming location burst into laughter.

Super Junior’s 3rd consecutive Mutizen on Inkigayo (Credit: KBites)

Super Junior won their 3rd consecutive #1 on SBS Inkigayo on 12th April with their comeback hit song ‘Sorry Sorry’.

They previously won Mutizen on the show on 29th March and 5th April. They have also risen up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank.

This is just 2 weeks into their comeback with their 3rd album after 1 year and 6 months.

Lee Teuk thanked their fans, “We would like to thank our fans who have given us so much love. We will work hard to be the modest Super Junior, blooming like gorgeous flowers.”


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