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Yesung: I’m Chairman Kim Jungil’s son? It’s absurd but a chance for Super Junior to be known in Europe, Wednesday April 15, 2009 Korea

Posted on: April 15, 2009

Source: SJ Market

Yesung: I’m Chairman Kim Jungil’s son ? Although it’s absurd but it’s a chance for Super Junior to be known in Europe

Recently, Swiss’s famous tabloid newspaper “blick” ( has posted a Yesung’s picture and introduced him as North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jungil’s 3rd son. SM Entertainment has requested a correction report.

Yesung said “Before the article was released, fans were very surprised when seeing a Swiss newspaper was uploaded to my minihompy” and “I was very embarrassed at first”, “Haha, by this chance Europe people will know about Asia popular group Super Junior. My parents also laughed too.”

Yesung, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook are considered “best singer” in Super Junior. He said “I feet good because my opinion was listened when producing this album” and “While the other members attend the show a lot, I will focus more on producing music no matter what”. “It’s not that I’m not interested in show but now I’m more interested in music. I want to show my singing to the fans more.”

Yesung had spent 5 years on training. He had to go back and forth between school in Choongnam Cheonan and Seoul 4 days a week. “School was end at 4PM and I arrived in Seoul at 7PM to begin practicing. Of course I skipped my dinner. At 10PM when the practice was end, I’d come back home by Mugoonghwanho (a name of train) and eat hamburger there. Everyday I had to change the transport 8 times so I feel tired but now think about it, it was wonderful memory”

Yesung said that Super Junior’s team-work is very strong “I’m very proud that we have been in a team for 4 years without having any disunion at all.” and “13 people, everyone has different thought so we always asked each other’s opinions”. Therefore, they can gather the energy and avoid argument.

Yesung said “Although all the fight are small but there was a time we argue with each other because of food menu”, “We all want to eat different foods no matter what. There were members who dislike fish and the ‘polyphagia” members couldnt stand it so we argued. Before, when 13 members and manager, total 18 people lived in just one dorm, shower competition was very intense. At dawn when the activities were end, we came back home and since there were just 2 bathrooms so if you want to have a shower, you’ll have to wait for a long time. And then you even felt tired and fell asleep. However, one of our good point is having a shower quickly. Haha.”


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