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2PM’s Songs Bring in a Hit; Oneday’s ‘Strong Baby’, Sunday April 19, 2009 Korea

Posted on: April 19, 2009

Source: Max Movie
Credit: Seoulfoood@2OD

2PM‘s Songs Bring in a Hit

On the 16th, the ‘performance boy band’ 2PM released their new single ‘2:00PM Time for Change’ through an online music server.

The album itself consists of 8 songs which is the intro “What Time Is It Now”, their title song “Again & Again”, “I Hate You”, “I Don’t Know if I’ll Come Back”, and other instrumentals. Asia’s best producer Park Jin Young was in charge of the producing and managing the image of manliness for the boys.

The title song “Again & Again” was written by Park Jin Young and with 2PM’s dance, the Electronic synth on top of the bass for the music made it to the perfect melody it is.

Also, the dance, songs, b-boying, body building, and acrobatics which have been upgraded is definitely something to look forward to once the promotion of the album begins as each member shines with showing their unique color, marking the ‘2PM Style’.

The songs were also done by ‘Mastering Genius’ Vlado Meller who received many Grammy awards for helping artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne. With mixing, Brian Stanley (who mixed songs for Chris Brown and others on the top of the Billboard charts) which proves that the album was finished with the best quality and in the hands of professionals.

Aside from the song, the music video of ‘Again & Again’ was produced by Korea’s best music video producer Jang Jae Hyuk.

2PM MV, Explosive Popularity at Youtube 
Source: Now News | Credit: Luna @ bluejamiesky

2PM’s single album, ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received lots of interest on the world’s leading video streaming site ‘Youtube’.Their teasers and MV became the two most viewed videos since the last 14th, placing them at the No.1 spot of most watch video from musician.

Also, on the 17th, their single title track ‘Again & Again’’s MV has become the most viewed videos entertainment, thus, placing their channel at the No.1 spot for ‘Youtube’s weekly most viewed videos from musician’.

The fans are much-anticipating with various promotions throughout Korea for 2PM’s new album. On the last 16th, their song charted at the no.1 spot in Cyworld on the day the new album was released.

2PM was ranked at no.1 on ‘Most Viewed’ chart for the Musician channel category. However, their no.1 spot has been pushed down to no.2 by Symphony, which is fully advertised by Youtube. The audition is held by Youtube too.

2PM’s agency spokesperson said, “2PM members are deeply grateful with the interest showed by domestic and international fans. With this, please expect to see the cooler side of them for 2PM’s new activities.”

Meanwhile, 2PM will start their new album activities by performing at the Mnet MCountdown on the 23rd.

2PM, ‘Again & Again’ Receives Huge Recognition “Please Wait For Our Comeback Stage”
Source: JK News + Osen + Daily In + DIP | Translated by: bluejaymiesky

2PM’s new single ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received great response upon their comeback. 2PM’s new single was released through online store on the 16th and the title song ‘Again & Again’ has received an explosive response from fans by obtaining the No.1 spot on the Cyworld chart. Their other songs like ‘I Hate You’, ‘Might Come Back’ etc also made it to the top 10 in Naver and Cyworld.

Particularly, they still hold the No.1 spot on the Cyworld music chart on the morning of the 17th, showing an amazing popularity.

2PM’s title song for the new single, ‘Again & Again’ showed 2PM dynamic dance technique, contains an Electronic synth instrument combined with Bass rhythm and melody, with the repetitive dance/song/b-boy/bodybuilding/acrobatic to show the improvement and upgrade skills of the members. They are not afraid to show the ‘2PM’s style’ to match the expectation.

A music video has been released and has received a massive popularity.

The best MV director, Jang Jae Hyuk directed the MV for ‘Again & Again’, showing the more mature side of the members to stir the hearts of the fans. The MV also showed 2PM’s upgrade acrobatic dance that has been seen through the teaser to grab the fans attention.

JYP Entertainment official spokesperson said, “The response for 2PM’s new single has surprised us. We want to thank the fans for waiting for 2PM. 2PM will make their comeback next week and please wait for it. 2PM too, has been waiting for it and preparing hard for the stage performance, so please wait for it”.

Meanwhile, 2PM will start their promotion activities beginning with a comeback stage on the 23rd at Mnet MCountdown.

Oneday’s ‘Strong Baby’ 
Source: Bestiz | Translated by: seoulfoood @ 2OD

Idol groups 2AM & 2PM have brought in quite a lot of attention among netizens for their noraebang video.

On the 4th in a video server site, the netizens have talked of the 22 second clip of the boys singing at noraebang. By this, it has caused the views to go up.

The video was at a noraebang for a birthday and that 2PM & 2AM decided to sing Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ as they added in their own unique flavor with hand motions and all of them playing together.

Also, in the last portion of the video, one says “We’re going to get attacked by Big Bang fans…” as he quickly turns off the music. When netizens saw this, they moreover saw it as a cute motion and said that the boys indeed know how to have fun.

Netizens have given a positive feedback for this because this showed a different side of just singers in their 20s that go on stage; these singers are just boys or girls and it is a time for them to be having fun in which the two groups 2PM & 2AM has shown.


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