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Korean vampire mauls wolf-man, Wednesday May 6, 2009 Korea

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Source:Korea Herald 

Celebrated auteur Park Chan-wook’s return from his lengthy hiatus with the priest-turned-vampire yarn “Thirst” paid dividends at the Korean box office over the weekend, selling an estimated 710,000 tickets, the film’s promotion representatives All That Cinema said yesterday.

As of Tuesday, the film has inched closer to the 1 million mark, selling 960,500 tickets in total.

The figure also bests the previous three-day haul of box office juggernaut “Speed Scandal,” which pulled in an estimated 700,000 theatre-goers on its opening weekend last fall.

“Thirst” is the first Korea-U.S. co-production between Universal Pictures and Korean distribution house CJ Entertainment and had been highly anticipated by fans of Park.

Park gained cult status around the world with his scintillating Vengeance trilogy (“Sympathy for Mr. vengeance,” “Oldboy” and “Sympathy for lady vengeance”).

Park’s latest film is a Vampire-noir piece about a priest played by a significantly slimmed-down Song Gang-ho – he lost 10 kg before filming – who rises from the dead as a bloodsucker after receiving a blood transfusion from an unknown source.

Unable to control temptations that had been repressed most of his life, as a servant of God and harbinger of faith he begins a torrid and dangerous sexual affair with his friend’s wife, played by 23-year-old newcomer Kim Ok-vin. Kim’s character is a femme fatale who cajoles her new lover into killing her invalid husband.

The film created much controversy over its explicit content – both sexual and violent – in the run up to its April 30 release.

Particularly controversial was Song Gang-ho’s full frontal nudity, a first for such a high-profile Korean actor.

Among the other releases, the low-budget indie sensation “Breathless” crossed the 100,000 mark in ticket sales during the same period, coming in at number 10 at the box office.

By Song Woong-ki


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