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Tears and hugs for Fly To The Sky’s last activity, Saturday May 9, 2009 Korea

Posted on: May 9, 2009

source: Kbites 

Male duo group Fly To The Sky goes on a farewell trip ending their 10 years of promoting together on SBS Close Note, aired on 8th May.

The 2 of them met in 1998, and debut together as Fly To The Sky in 1999. It has been a 11-year friendship and hardship for them.

HwanHee said during their last broadcast activity on the show, “Just 2 of us, there has been a period of 4-5 years which was really hard for us.”

When asked, “What is Fly To The Sky’s hit song?” and the answer was ‘Missing You’. There has also been a lot of talk about their bad times together. They also did a game where they had to get very intimate with their different body parts like hip, ears or calf together while playing a basketball match.

Also close friends WheeSung and Lyn were present and the 2 talked about the time when they found it tough as their personalities are different, and also about things they never told each other. Like how HwanHee would get angry whenever Brian mimicks his singer, or when Brian felt sorry he had to leave HwanHee to sleep alone in their dormitary when he is out meeting girls.

The peak to this episode of Close Note comes when the 2 watch a screen showing the memories of their past 10 years together under the dark night sky. Looking at their ownselves during the different times of promoting different hit songs, tears appeared in their eyes. After the video ended, they read out a letter to each other. More tears are visible.

HwanHee to Brian, “I’m really happy you were also there. I love you, from elder brother”. And Brian to HwanHee, “I have no regrets to be in a team with you. I will pray for you to be a great artiste. I love you from the most sincere part of myself.”

After the programme was aired, viewers all commented, “It was a truely touching episode”, “The 2 cried together”, “I applauded for the 2 to have done promotion together for the past 10 years”, “It has been a hard time for them the past 10 years. I hope their solo activities will be as great as themselves right now”.

This episode of Close Note ends the 10-year activity of a great duo group. But what lies ahead of them are more opportunities for them to show themselves.


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